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A curated list of resources about security CTF and wargame challenge design.



Approaches & Specific Designs


Game/Puzzle Design

  • The Secrets of Puzzle Design (Video) - How Game Designers Explore Ideas and Themes with Puzzles and Problems.
  • The Puzzle Instinct (Book)
  • Designing the Puzzle (PDF) - Bob Bates's short paper on puzzle taxonomy and how to distinguish a good from a bad puzzle.
  • How to make a good puzzle (Article) - An explorable explanation on how to make a puzzle that's fun, and satisfying to solve.
  • Empuzzlement (Video) - Puzzle game designers talking about puzzles. Featuring: Jonathan Blow, Marc ten Bosch, and Droqen.
  • Design to Reveal the Nature of the Universe (Video) - A talk from Jonathan Blow & Marc Ten Boch at IndieCade 2011.
  • Open-Ended Puzzle Design at Zachtronics (Video) - Interview with Zach Barth on his studio's puzzle design process, from the initial foundation to the basic mechanics, to the way story is integrated. See also Zach-like (PDF) which is a book of behind-the-scenes design documents from Zachtronics.
  • Practical Creativity (Video) - Raph Koster explains what science tells us about creativity, and offers practical straightforward steps that any game designer or developer can make use of in order to get more creative.

Learning, Curiosity & Gamification

Running Events

Weird Machines & Esolangs

Escape Rooms & Puzzle Hunts

Mario Maker Troll Levels

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