Show me you care

Some signals that tell me your company take security seriously:

You have an easy to find "security" page on your website. It gives me an overview of what safeguards you put in place, what principles your follow, and the assurances that you can give me.

Security features are included by default in your free plan. I don't want to have to pay more money to unlock granular permissions, single sign-on, or encrypted communications.

You are transparent about your architecture. Bonus points if you can show me system diagrams. Your system should be secure even if your enemy knows how it works. There is no good reason to hide how data flows through your solution.

You don't ask for more permissions than you need. If your integration asks me for things I know it doesn't need, you're asking me to choose between safety and productivity. Either I accept to expose data, or I stop what I'm doing to handle the risk. The principle of least privilege also applies to permissions you request.

You publish content that helps your clients protect their information when using your software. No solution is perfect. When you educate your clients on how to use your product safely, you tell me that you probably considered how it could be misused.

You made it easy for me to back up my data. I don't have to jump through hoops to make sure I have more than 1 copy of anything important. I can export to standard file formats without thinking too hard about it.

The strongest signals show me that you have given this some thought. Find ways to demonstrate that you won't ruin my day.

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