Protect the fun

I hurt my knee snowboarding recently.

Now that it's mostly healed, I appreciate simple things like the ability to bend a knee. Using my leg, really. It made it awkward to put shoes on, for example.

I had the chance to go on a snowboard ride today, but I surprised myself deciding not too. My thought was: "If I get hurt more, then I won't be able to go for even longer."

This is interesting, I think, because it's probably a common thought.

The point is, it's not that I want to protect my knee, it's that I want to make sure I maximize having fun. That's my metric. Will I still get to have fun?

You don't have to be an expert in security to get that. In fact, maybe working in security makes us forget that sometimes. "It's for your own good". Remember hearing that as a kid?

So I'm not going snowboarding today. To protect the fun.

I hope you found this valuable

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