The efforts you've made

We get better security outcomes when we improve our communication skills.

I'm not the best, but I'm the proof that you can get better.

Here are some of the things I did that helped me get better at interacting with others.

Service jobs: I worked for over a year in a bookstore, a year at a DVD rental, and a summer at a gas station.

Socializing: I participated in 5 applied improvisation workshops and 20 silent disco parties. I played clubs as a DJ in front of crowds of 500 people.

Public speaking: I gave talks at a community center, a public library, a church, and a university.

Hypnosis & coaching: Hypnosis is a lot about communication. I got certified twice. I watched 1,000 hours of training videos. I read 50 books about psychology, sociology, and communication. I helped a handful of people around me.

Writing: I've been writing on my blog and social media since 2012. I write one blog post every weekday since January 2022.

As a teenager, I was too anxious to call for pizza. Now, I feel confident speaking at board meetings.

Sometimes it's good to sit back and remember all the progress you've made. A big part of progression is in noticing it.

I hope you found this valuable

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