How much to protect a sandwich

The security decisions you make as a business owner come down to two things:

  1. How much to spend
  2. On what

How much should you spend to protect a sandwich?

It depends on how much you can tolerate dry bread.

OK, so what should you use?

There are many options. You could use foil, a sandwich bag, or a plastic container. They have different price points, and different properties. They also involve different operations.

For example, containers are more expensive upfront and you always loose the lids, but you save money over their lifetime. Foil is cheap and in some places recyclable, but if you don't wrap it properly, your sandwich might get exposed.

How much you spend depends on what's at stake. In other words, how much assurance do you need? That's how much you should spend.

What you spend it on is what brings risk to a tolerable level, at the cheapest price.

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