Bringing information systems under management

Value flows through a business like rivers through a valley.

A value-stream map models the value proposition derived by the organization's customers. With these maps, you can follow value flowing across the company to identify and remove waste. Waste of time, of energy, of attention.

Value stream mapping happens to be useful in information security too.

If you follow value, from its creation to its capture, you can identify every IT system involved. It's like a treasure map.

We often think of information security in terms of downside protection.

You reduce risk by bringing potential threats under control. You reduce costs by making sure you don't spend more than required.

Problems become easier to identify. You can keep track of and fix them before they become too big.

But when infosec listens to the needs of the business, other subtle benefits becomes clearer. Managing information systems optimizes opportunity.

You facilitate business deals by making sure documentation is up to date and reliable. You increase productivity by making whole systems visible and by automating tasks. And you increase trust with the absolute confidence that you know where you are, and you know where you are going.

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