Advice for entry-level cybersecurity resumes

Today, I had the chance to review someone's resume and give a bit of advice. I thought I'd post part of my reply here since it might be helpful to other people.

Here are some answers I'd be looking for when hiring for a pentester or a cybersecurity analyst position:

  1. Can I trust this person to be autonomous and do the work without needing too much supervision?
  2. Will this person be a good fit for my team?
  3. Can this person understand the impact of their findings on my client's business?
  4. Will this person be able to write clear, consistent and error-free reports?

To answer these questions I'm gonna make assumptions based on the information you provide me.

The more you speak in terms of outcomes you have achieved, and the more those outcomes match those I am looking for, for my team and my client, the more I'm gonna be curious and interested in talking to you.

I hope you found this valuable

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