4 features to help you close enterprise clients

Here's how to delight enterprise clients with your product architecture.

Offer the option to run isolated instances of your solution. Multi-tenancy is cheap, but the guarantees it offers are hard to prove. How do I know you designed permissions in your database correctly? If my instance is isolated, it's easier to believe that other tenants won't have access to my data.

Encrypt the data using your client's encryption keys. The only way I can be sure no one in your team is snooping on my data, is if I control the encryption keys. Let me send you a public key, and give me control over the mechanism by which my data is encrypted.

Offer role-based authorization from the start. If you want me to onboard new users on your platform, I need to know that I will be able to manage permissions properly. I don't want to end up with everyone having access to everything.

Implement single sign-on using industry standards. I don't want my team to have to remember another password. Make it possible to provision users from a corporate user directory. I want to be able to re-use the identity and access management work I've invested in already.

These features are good enough to make you a category of your own. If I'm comparing potential partners, you will stand out every time. Make sure that these features are available, that they work (!), and keep them free, forever.

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